For the Shelby Mustang model years 2007-2014 this is how to read the VIN numbers of legitimate Shelby’s.

1ZV   B   P8J  S  O  A  5  000000

  1. 1ZB is the Auto Alliance International, USA Passenger Car
  2. B is Manual Belts with Driver and Passenger Frontal Air Bags and Side Inflatable Restraint
  3. P8J is Shelby GT500 Coupe, ( P8K ) is a convertible
  4. S is a 5.4L SC DOHC V-8
  5. 0 is check digit
  6. A is 2010 Model Year
  7. 5 is Auto Alliance International Assembly Plant
  8. 000000 is the sequence code

Shelby Mustang GT500s received their own designators in the Vin in places 5-7.

For 2007-2009  T88 is for coupes and T89 for convertibles.  And for a real giveaway for a fake GT500 vs. a real GT500 is that the GT500s were the only mustangs built with Ford’s supercharged DOHC 5.4L and 5.8L engines.  Look for the letter directly after the designation which should be S for 5.4L or Z for 5.8L.

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