The first Mustangs remind me of my first erector set, there were plenty of accessory parts you could add. Original Mustangs are really very simple cars with nice lines. And human nature is to add and improve on any simple design.

So it was with the Mustang when first introduced. It came with accessory parts right from the beginning with more added over time. Many Mustang owners got these parts to improve the appearance and performance of their cars. But not always did these parts truly represent the make up of their car. These cars became known as clones. Mean’t not to deceive but more to give personal enjoyment to the owner.

O.K. but what about those that sell cars as the real thing but are in fact clones. Well knowledge is power and knowing the accessories and their particulars will help prevent you from getting taken with a fake Bill of Goods and or inferior workmanship.

So lets get into it. The easiest to do is get some “Hi-Po” emblems and put it on the fenders and you have an instant high performance Mustang.  Well of course you don’t those emblems were for the  271 horsepower 289. And how do you tell a “Hi-Po” engine. It came with a set of chrome valve covers and low-restriction open air cleaner. The engine had solid lifters and the distributor had dual-points and no vacuum advance.  But what if you no mechanic like me. In that case Ford made it pretty easy by coding the engines to the chassis and the fifth digit of the Vin number must be a “K” code.  And changing that number is a federal offense.

This is just the beginning and for a much more complete rundown of clones and how they were created go to

Spotting Shelby Clones

Spotting Shelby Clones